St. Mary SACC (School-Aged Child Care)


Our PHILOSOPHY: It is our desire to develop a flexible, developmentally appropriate "play" and "success" orientated environment that integrates the Catholic faith and compliments the home and school by encouraging physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and positive feelings of self-worth.


Kaley Moore

St. Mary SACC Director

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SACC AIDES: Katelyn Moore & Katie Sheppard



>>SACC Applications for the 2013-2014 School year are due by the end of the school year. Please return them to the school office labeled ‘SACC’ before the last day of school!

Monthly Rates:

Full-Time 4/5 days a week  -  $200.00

2ndChild  -  $175.00

3rdChild   -  $135.00

Part-Time 2/3 days a week  -  $125.00

2ndChild   -  $95.00

3rdChild   -   $75.00

Part-Time 1 day a week  -  $60.00

Yearly Drop-In: 9 days/year  -  $100.00

(Parents MUST send a note to school two days prior to the child attending SACC.)

Drop-In (Emergency’s ONLY) - $15.00/visit/child

A $30 registration fee is required for each family and is non-refundable nor applicable


If you would like to register your child/children for SACC please email Miss Kaley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application and registration forms!

**For PreK or Pre School rates and information please email Miss Kaley!**

Parent TestimonialLaughing

"We are very thankful for St. Mary's after school child care program. The

teachers schedule a nice balance between organized activities and flexible

time for the kids to unwind at the end of their school day. Some days when I

arrive I find my son engaged in group activities like games or crafts. Other

days, I find him reading happily in a quiet part of the room or playground.

At SACC my son has made friends with students from other classrooms, and he

plays outdoors every afternoon. He has so much fun that there have been

times when I have been ready to take him home before he wanted to leave!"


Don't forget every Tuesday (weather permitting) is Library Day! We will leave no later than 2:35pm and will return by 3:00pm!



Every Wednesday is GYM DAY with Miss Katie! Don’t forget to bring your tennis shoes!



Caught Ya Being GOOD!

Anytime the SACC teachers catch a student being good or doing something helpful for either a student or a teacher we will tell that student to go put their name in the Caught Ya Being Good Jar! So whenever the SACC teachers need a helper or a volunteer we will pick a name from the jar. Also at the end of the month Miss Kaley will pick five names from the jar and those five children will receive a special treat and the Caught Ya Being Good Award for that month! The more time your name is in the jar the more likely you are to be picked at the end of the month!