Parent Information

School Store and Uniform Information

Please click on the link below for the St. Mary School Advisory Board Uniform Policy.

SAB Uniform Polilcy Revision 6_15

Now available at the School Store:

School Store Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30 am-7:50 am or by appointment

How to Register for Kroger Community Rewards (pdf)

St. Mary SCRIP Program

Shop with SCRIP site

Scrip Online (pdf)

Getting Started- Customizable- Enrollment Code

The enrollment code is 2559E977986.

ScripNow Information (pdf)

GoodSearch / GoodShop

St Mary School – Delaware
Every time you shop online at your favorite stores you could be saving money and earning a donation for St. Mary School.

Our new toolbar, developed by GoodSearch & GoodShop takes just a few seconds to download. More than 1,300 top stores including Apple, Best Buy, Gap, PetSmart, and Staples are pitching in and will donate a percentage of each sale to our organization. There’s no extra cost to you and you may even may even save money as the merchants are providing us thousands of money-saving coupons!

The GoodSearch toolbar also includes a search box which is powered by Yahoo! Each time you search the web, about a penny is donated to us!

There’s no easier way to help St. Mary School. Please spread the word!
Here’s a link to the toolbar for more information:

Parent Participation Information

Why Should I be a Parent Participant (pdf)

Parent Participation Sign-up Form

Please go to School Speak to login your parent participation hours.  It is found at the bottom of the page-

Parent Participation Hour Log

If you would like to add your name to any of the schedules below, please contact Miriam Ailabouni at

Parent Participant Schedules found on School Speak:

  • Playground  and Cafeteria
  • School Store
  • Morning Drop-off
  • Second Home Cleaning

Diocesan YTB Vacation Travel Donation

Protecting God’s Children

Volunteers can find the upcoming classes for the Columbus, OH Diocese here!