About St Mary SACC (School-Aged Child Care)

St. Mary School offers child care after school from 2:15 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. There is also an option for our Pre-K Kamp from 7:00 am to 11:30 am and 10:30-5:00 pm. Our competent and caring staff works to understand and meet the needs of each child in our care. Once registered, a complete handbook will be provided.


It is our desire to develop a flexible, developmentally appropriate “play” and “success” oriented environment that integrates the Catholic faith and compliments the home and school by encouraging physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and positive feelings of self-worth.

Katie Sheppard
St. Mary SACC Director

SACC AIDES: Elise Sheppard, Wendy Jurden, Jackie Minarchek and Cameron Schoonbeck.

SACC Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now being accepted.  Please return them to the school office labeled ‘SACC’!

Monthly Rates: (Subject to change)

Half Day Option                                                                                                                                          Full Day Option
7:00am- 11:45am,  10:30am-2:15pm or  2:00pm-5:00pm                                                  7:00am-5:00pm,  or 10:30-5:00pm (depending on your child’s class time).

1 day/ week-                                          2021-2022: $80.00 per child                                                                                                                    2021-2022: $160.00 per child

2 days/week –                                      2021-2022- $160.00 per child                                                                                                                   2021-2022: $260.00 per child

3 days/ week-                                       2021-2022: $240.00 per child                                                                                                                   2021-2022: $390.00 per child

5 days/ week-                                       2021-2022: $400.00 per child                                                                                                                   2021-2022: $640.00 per child

Drop-In (Emergency’s ONLY) – $50.00/visit/child

A $50 registration fee is required for each family and is non-refundable nor applicable to other fees.

If you have questions for the SACC director please email Katie Sheppard at stmarysacc@yahoo.com

Through Camp

Students in the preschool program are welcome to attend PreK Kamp after the morning or afternoon sessions of the St. Mary Preschool program.

KAMP Registration Form 2021-2022

Parent Testimonial

“We are very thankful for St. Mary’s after school child care program. The teachers schedule a nice balance between organized activities and flexible time for the kids to unwind at the end of their school day. Some days when I arrive I find my son engaged in group activities like games or crafts. Other days, I find him reading happily in a quiet part of the room or playground. At SACC my son has made friends with students from other classrooms, and he plays outdoors every afternoon. He has so much fun that there have been times when I have been ready to take him home before he wanted to leave!”