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St. Mary School currently partners with FACTS, a company offering instant school to parent contact that allows St. Mary to reach all parents within minutes to communicate emergency need messages!

The FACTS communication system is used for messages that need to reach parents when time matters.  Early dismissal notices due to weather, school event cancellations, or bus delays are some of the uses.

FACTS will also be used to send the monthly newsletter and to make all announcements by teachers.  The newsletter is published around the first of each month and is emailed and/or posted on the site under Newsletter.

Please complete this online form FOR EACH CHILD YOU HAVE ENROLLED AT ST. MARY SCHOOL by AUGUST 1st to be certain the phone numbers and email address you want entered are being used. If the form is not completed, your contact information will not be part of the emergency notification system.

If you need to enter multiple email addresses in the email field, please be sure to separate them with a semi-colon ( ; ).

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Student Medical Permission Forms Safety and Respect Form


St. Mary School is fortunate to have a supportive community of families which creates a culture of respect and treating others as our faith calls us to do.  We are told that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore should be treated accordingly.  In an effort to maintain a safe and caring elementary school where all are welcome, and in accordance to Protecting God’s Children, we want to ensure that issues that may negatively impact this goal are researched and fixed when possible.

Categories For Issues Being Reported

Abuse (physical, mental, sexual):  Mistreatment which could intentionally or unintentionally harm, offend or trouble someone, including inflicting physical pain, discomfort or injury such as hitting, burning, restraining, slapping, beating, or sexual assault.

Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco:  The use of alcohol (e.g., beer, liquor) or a chemical substance (e.g., marijuana, cocaine).

Bullying: St. Mary School values treating all members of its community with respect and strives to teach students to model Christ-like behaviors. Bullying goes against this value and therefore is considered important. Prior to submitting a report, we want to be sure that you are reporting your issue appropriately. Please verify that your issue fits the following definition.

Any intentional, persistent and repetitive written, verbal, graphic, electronically transmitted, or physical act that a student or group of students exhibits toward another student and the behavior both: a) causes mental or physical harm to the other student; AND b) is sufficiently severe that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the victim.

Health Concern:  An anxious feeling, concern, or preoccupation with a physical condition

Suspicious Behavior:  A person (known or unknown) behaving strangely, including someone doing something unexpectedly or talking about planning to hurt someone. Also, an unknown person somewhere that only people you know should be, or someone paying too much attention to the school buildings, entrances, and exits, etc.

Theft: The taking, or an attempt to take, someone else’s property at school without that person’s willful consent.

Vandalism: The intentional attempt to destroy, disfigure or deface any objects or materials (e.g., buildings, grounds, computers, equipment) belonging to the school, school personnel, or other persons, without the consent of the owner or person having control.

Other: Use this category if none of the other categories appear appropriate for your issue.

We’re here to help you! Your information will not be shared with anyone other than those involved with helping you and investigating your concern. The more you tell us, the more we can help you.

What happens next…

Your information will be reviewed and reasonable action will be taken to address the situation in line with the school handbook and Diocesan policies.  All or part of the report may be shared with the teacher most able to help the situation.

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Thanks and Praise Form


We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of faculty and staff at St. Mary School who strive to provide students with a quality education rooted in the Catholic faith. Our support staff also works tirelessly to promote the mission and goals of our school. This hard work and the accomplishments of our students may sometimes go unrecognized. This form allows you an opportunity to express THANKS OR PRAISE to the faculty and staff. The information received will be used to recognize faculty and staff during the monthly staff meeting.

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