Parent Organizations

St. Mary School Advisory Board

The St. Mary School Advisory Board (SAB) has as its primary concern the intellectual and spiritual development of the students. It is our purpose to assist the students in maturing toward wholesome, worthwhile adjustments to their respective cultural, social and economic environments. It is also our purpose to aid the individual development of talents, opportunities, and personal adjustments both to other persons and to themselves.

The School Advisory Board develops and defines the policies which govern the operation of Saint Mary School. It also provides and advises in the operation of the school. The School Advisory Board is explicitly concerned with the religious and academic philosophy of the school.

The School Advisory Board wishes to promote open communication and encourages parents to discuss concerns with the teachers and administration prior to addressing concerns at a School Advisory Board Meeting. Meetings are typically held the fourth Thursday of every other month.

All parents are welcome to attend the monthly School Advisory Board meetings. If you wish to have an item for discussion added to the agenda, please contact the School Advisory Board President one week in advance through the email listed below. Please include your name and item you wish to address to the board. Once added to the agenda, all visitors to the board meetings will be given a total of 15 minutes speaking time.

  •  If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Advisory Board, please fill out the application and turn it into Mrs. Ford and she will forward to the board.

School Advisory Board Members:  2021-2022
Vincent Dobransky, President

Thomas Gerber, Vice President

Brian Lower

Scott Wilson

All meetings held the first Thursday of every other month at 6:00 pm in the St. Mary School Teachers’ Lounge.

St. Mary SPO (School / Parish Organization)

St. Mary School/Parish Organization (SPO) is an organization that forms and maintains a close relationship between the school, parish, and home for the parents, teachers, staff and parish members. We conduct fundraisers and community fellowship for the enrichment of the students, parents, staff, and parishioners. We bring together all those persons wishing to make St. Mary School a superior educational facility. Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month with all parents/guardians/parishioners welcome to come.

SPO Board Members:  2021-2022

Brooke Acker, President

Samantha Warren, Secretary

Alicia Gorman, Treasurer

Miriam Ailabouni, Parent Participation Officer

Nikki Ford, Principal

Regular SPO Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the St. Mary School Teachers’ Lounge.

Tasks of the SPO include: Teachers’ Birthdays, Playground Mulch, Staff Appreciation Week and Parent Teacher Conference Dinners.

Fundraisers of the SPO are: Saints in Training, Box Tops, School Store, Cookie Sale, SCRIP, Kroger Rewards and Wine and Cheese Events.

School “Spirit” Events of the SPO are: Movie Day Outing, Grandparents Breakfast, Secret Santa, Christmas Luncheon, Catholic Schools Week Activities, Fun Day, Tie-Dye Shirt Event, Ice-cream Social, Kroger Rewards and Book Fair.

“Parish” Events of the SPO are: Trunk or Treat, Coffee Chats, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Event, Adult Dance Program, Lehner Pumpkin Farm, Easter Egg Hunt, and Mad River Mountain Event.

SPO Gives Back by providing the following: Computer Needs, E Scan Renewal, Security System, School Reach, Cafeteria Needs, Academic/Art Fair, Ohio Catholic Education Association and Teacher Enrichment Trainings.

St. Mary (Parish) Athletic Association

Our Mission…

The Athletic Association (the Board) of St. Mary Delaware serves the students, parents, and parishioners of the St. Mary community (Parish, School, & PSR.) For students, the Board endeavors to provide them with an opportunity for a positive athletic experience. Students in this after-school program will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game, develop their skills and experience team play, teamwork, sportsmanship, and Christian values.