Tuition & Fees

Tuition Collection Policies

Tuition will only be collected via FACTS Tuition Management. Tuition paid in full by August 5th will receive a 3% discount. A checking account, saving account, or credit card can be debited on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis via FACTS Tuition Management.

Only new St. Mary families need to create a FACTS Tuition Management account. Returning St. Mary families’ FACTS Tuition agreement will automatically renew. Please email [email protected] if a change is needed.

2024-2025 1-8 Tuition

Keeping an education at St. Mary School affordable and accessible is important to us, as we strive to be the best stewards of God’s treasure–your children.


  • 85% Salaries
  • 4% Utilities
  • 2% Property Tax
  • 1% Repairs/Supplies
  • 1% Subsidies
  • 7% Other (Depreciation/Training/Maintenance)

YOUR INVESTMENT: $7,100/year

Payment options include:

  • FULL payment can be made after July 1st and no later than August 15th.
  • Monthly payments made through the FACTS tuition program (Additional fees apply).

Additional Fees

  • Student Activity Fee – $150: Collected at the beginning of tuition, and includes various classroom supplies, planner books, and field trips.
  • 2nd & 8th Grade Sacrament Fee – $185: An additional activity fee applies to 2nd and 8th Graders for sacrament preparation costs.
  • School Trips – An additional fee applies for the 7th grade environmental camp and 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C.

2024-2025 Children’s House Tuition

We are excited to offer limited spots in our Children’s House! This Montessori-based program is a strong foundation for your preschool, pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten aged young scholar.

5 Full Day 7:55am to 3pm:

5 Half-Day 7:55am to 11:45am:

3 Full Day (M-W) 7:55am to 3pm:
$5,375/year (3 year olds only)

3 Half-Day (M-W) 7:55am to 11:45am:
$2,975 (3 year olds only)

About St. Mary School

St. Mary School has been educating Catholic children in Delaware County since 1885.