Ohio EdChoice

The deadline to request scholarships for this academic year (2023-2024) and receive the entire amount for which the family qualifies is October 14, 2023. Any application received after this date will be awarded at a prorated amount by the Department of Education and Workforce.

All St. Mary students in grades K-8, except for those who have accepted the Jon Peterson Scholarship or Autism Scholarship, are eligible to participate in the program. Families whose income is at or below 450% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for a maximum EdChoice Scholarship of $6,165.  All families whose income is above 450% of the Federal Poverty Guideline will be awarded a prorated amount of the scholarship.  

Review the income guidelines, as well as a general information sheet about the Expansion Program.  We encourage all families to begin this process today.

Please email all scholarship applications and supporting documents to ceenab@stmarydelaware.org.


About EdChoice

Ohio’s Educational Choice (EdChoice) Scholarship Program is now accessible to ALL Ohioans! Thanks to sweeping changes outlined in HB 33 and signed into law on July 3 by Governor DeWine, EVERY student now has the opportunity to attend a participating Catholic school for little or no cost.

Originally enacted in 2005 to serve families living in underperforming school districts, the program has been expanded multiple times over the past 18 years to aid more families, particularly those with lower incomes. But, now, every Ohio family – regardless of their residence or household income – can utilize state scholarship dollars to help fund tuition at the Catholic school of their choosing.

Once you complete the scholarship application and turn in to St. Mary’s, along with the supporting documents, we will submit the application to the State on your behalf. We will not submit until we have all necessary documentation as we do not want any delays in your scholarship approval.


How to Apply

Please read through and follow the steps below to complete your scholarship application.  All steps must be completed for your application to be considered complete:

  1. Complete the EdChoice Request Form and physically sign.  One required for each student.
  1. Proof of Address–a utility bill showing both the service and billing address (no cell phone bills).  Only one per family is needed.  

2023-2024 EdChoice Acceptable Proof of Address.pdf

  1. Copy of Each Child’s birth certificate (photo is acceptable).  One required for each child.
  1. Copy of custodial paperwork (if applicable).  This is required for all multi-household families.  Need the residential and custodial sections of the document.  One required for each child.
  1. Income verification–Done online through the ODE portal.  The income document you should use is your 2022 Federal 1040 Form. Attached is more information, but this must be completed online via the link above.  Do NOT submit a copy of the income verification with your application.  Only one income verification is necessary per family.  Step-by-step instructions are found here.
  1. Complete the Diocesean Direct Deposit Authorization form and physically sign.  One required for each student.

All documents from this list, except for the income forms, need to be emailed as separate files to edchoice@stmarydelaware.org.

Please indicate the name of your student in the subject with all the documents attached separately.  If ALL required documents are not attached, we will NOT be able to process your application. If you are NEW to St. Mary and received the EdChoice Scholarship last year, please indicate this information on the email with all the attached documentation.

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Since its founding, our school’s tuition has been greatly subsidized by the generosity of the St. Mary’s parishioners. In fact, in 2022-23 the parish subsidized the school by over $300,000, lowering the published tuition by $1750 up to free tuition for 4th child.  This discount was prior to any additional parish scholarship or grants that were applied to tuition bills.  We did this in order to maintain accessibility to families of varying economic backgrounds.  By publishing a tuition rate that was lower than our actual costs we were able to market our school as a more economical option.

Now the State of Ohio will subsidize the education of every child at our parish school with scholarships ranging from $650 – $6,165 and allows us to use parishioner donations (which can fluctuate from year to year) for other parish and school expenses. But it’s not automatic! In order to maximize the EdChoice Scholarship benefit this year and for the years to come, families must apply for EdChoice and we must now express our tuition as a cost-based model.

Your 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. children may still go to St. Mary’s for free! However, we ask that you please apply for EdChoice as all parish subsidies and tuition assistance will only be awarded if families have first applied for EdChoice. This decision was made, because every family can receive a minimum $650 per child regardless of their income level. Many of our families will receive much more! 


We will not be providing additional scholarship/tuition assistance for families who do not utilize this opportunity. Your 4th child may go free with this new model–but we save the parish a minimum of $2600 ($650/child) because we first receive 4 checks for your children from EdChoice to help mitigate the cost.

Surprisingly, cost-based pricing is what it sounds like. Normally, a business calculates the cost of a product/service and adds a standard margin to the cost. For example, if it costs $2.50 to make a widget, then a 50% standard margin would mean the widget’s price is $5. In our school’s scenario, we do NOT add a profit margin, so it is simply the operating cost of the school (salaries, supplies, utility bills, etc.) divided by the number of students we expect to attend. For example:

$2,160,000 Operating Costs / 300 Students = $7,100 Tuition

In the meantime, please continue to make your current tuition payments. Once we receive the EdChoice scholarship for your child(ren), we will credit your account and reimburse you for any overpayment.  This will ensure the bills are able to be paid, teacher salaries, eclectic bills, etc. as we await the state processing of scholarship dollars.

The Emmaus Road Scholarship is an important part of our financial assistance, and will still be available for our school families. It serves as our 2nd line of defense once EdChoice scholarships have been applied to your child’s tuition. Therefore, Emmaus Road is geared toward reduction in cost of tuition assistance provided by the Parish General Operating Budget.