Liturgy & Worship

Liturgy & Worship

Students at St. Mary participate in a variety of liturgical and worship celebrations, including:
● Weekly Mass
● Traditional devotions, such as Living Stations of the Cross and May Crowning
● Classroom prayer

Students participate fully in preparation and liturgical ministries for the Mass, including:
● Lectors
● Altar servers
● Gift bearers
● Choral singers

Non-Catholic students and students too young to receive Holy Communion are invited to
receive a priestly blessing during distribution of Communion.

Families are encouraged to join us for weekly Mass on Wednesdays at 8:15 a.m.

Traditional Devotions

Living Stations of the Cross

8th grade students assume the main roles of the drama of the Living Stations of the Cross by
reenacting the Passion of Christ from The Last Supper to the Laying in the Tomb. All 8th
graders typically participate and 7th grade students are used if necessary to fill remaining roles.
Practices are held weekly after school for 8-10 weeks prior to the Living Stations (1-2 weeks
before Easter).

5th grade students are the singers for the Living Stations, leading the school and Parish through
the musical parts of the devotion. The 5th graders normally practice during their Religion class
prior to the performance. They are also required to attend the dress rehearsal after school.

May Crowning

We honor our school’s patroness, the Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom, each May with a traditional
May Crowning alongside the parish’s PSR students. Students sing Marian hymns and crown a
statue of the Blessed Mother.

Classroom Prayer

Our Children’s House (preschool) has a prayer table as a focal point for regular classroom
prayer. Each new liturgical season, the prayer table is set with the new liturgical color and
appropriate images in the context of a procession. During regular communal prayer at the
prayer table, the younger students enjoy songs, brief scripture readings, silence, and
spontaneous spoken prayer.

Our kindergarten through 4th grade students also experience this focal prayer table in their
weekly Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium. As the student gets older, he/she takes on
more and more leadership for planning, organizing, and leading communal prayer.

About St. Mary School

St. Mary School has been educating Catholic children in Delaware County since 1885.