Children's House

This work allows our children to add large numbers together. Here two children 'built' the number '3,728'.'

The St. Mary Children’s House program (for preschool and kindergarten children ages 3-6) is designed to be the first step in a great Catholic education.

With a Montessori-based curriculum guided by the Diocese of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Education, our preschool staff is highly qualified in early childhood education. Dedicated to yearly in-service training on child development, our St. Mary Children’s House teachers are licensed and also have a Montessori diploma.

Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, Christian atmosphere where our staff nurtures each child at their individual level of development. Children are encouraged to experience learning at their own speed. Our teachers and aides understand that children enter our program with their own unique set of skills and experiences.

Children will leave our St. Mary Children’s House with early literacy and math skills, as well as social skills and a greater sense of the world around them.  St. Mary students will be given opportunities to use and share existing skills and learn new skills that will foster self-confidence, personal respect, individuality, and a love of learning.


2024-2025 Children’s House Program

We are excited to offer limited spots in our preschool, pre-kindergarten Children’s House! This Montessori-based program is a strong foundation for your young scholar. Every program includes:

Full day programs
also include:

  • lunchtime (packed lunch required).
  • Kindergarten students will have an additional daily Montessori 3-hour work cycle,
  • while preschool children (ages 3-5) have the opportunity to nap or rest in the afternoon followed by more activities and additional recess.


Monday through Friday Options:

8am to 11:30am
8am to 3:00pm

Monday through Wednesday Options:

8am to 11:30am*
8am to 3:00pm*

*This program option is only for our new 3 year old preschool students.

Incoming Children’s House students will be notified by March of their acceptance. Children’s House acceptance is conditional upon the results of the screening and interview process.

Learn more about the application process at St. Mary School.

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Our kindergarten students may apply for EdChoice and the Emmaus Road Scholarship (through FACTS) after they have been accepted into the 2024-2025 program.

For our preschool and pre-K students, we are excited to offer the GRACE Scholarship. Please apply for the GRACE scholarship through FACTS after your enrollment has been confirmed.