Building Concentration

Building Concentration

September 27, 2023
Two Children’s House students concentrate on their work inside the atrium.

“The essential thing is for the task to arouse such interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.” – Dr. Montessori

Concentration is not just a matter of being busy. It means engaging all the sense. To help your child build their concentration, the teacher starts by observing them to see what they are interested in and learning to master. Then we give them time, options, and a prepared environment, and let them repeat the activity. This allows them to build their concentration and through that confidence in themselves and their abilities. With this confidence in themselves and their ability, and their ability to focus for longer periods they are able to do amazing work in the classroom.

Tips for building concentration at home:

  • Try to avoid interrupting – somethings we comment too much on what the child is doing, interrupting their work. Observe them to see how you can
    future engage them and wonder at their abilities!
  • Watch what they repeat – repetition helps them understand and build muscle memory as well as actual gross motor and fine motor muscle development.
  • Less is more – Have fewer activities available at home. As you observe you could put away things that are too easy or too difficult. This minimizes clutter
    but helps them focus on the things that are really engaging them.
  • Help as much as is needed and as little as necessary – As you observe your child having difficult, wait and see if they can do it themselves. Sometimes they may need help, but offer micro helps to allow them to complete it themselves – building confidence, coordination and self-control.
  • Have a work area – There are work mats for floor activities in the classroom. Consider bringing in floor rugs for play areas to keep toys and activities in
    an area, helping them to focus and concentrate.

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