Building Confidence through Consistent Expectations

Building Confidence through Consistent Expectations

February 7, 2024

Montessori at Home

Event Date: February 7, 2024

Description: Maria Montessori’s wisdom, “The child’s cry – help me, help myself,” is a guiding principle when nurturing a child’s inherent capability for independence. At home, there are numerous ways to bolster their confidence. Mirroring some of the expectations in the classroom at home, also builds confidence because of the familiarity and consistency of expectations.

As part of the morning routine at school, the children are asked to independently hang up their backpacks, hang up their coats, pick up their slippers and sit against the wall to change their shoes (so no one steps on each other). Then they restore their outside shoes to their cubby, and get their water bottles to bring into class. A similar, but reverse, routine happens before we go outside or home.

It might require a bit more patience and time, but allowing them this autonomy at home with a routine and expectation of things that they are responsible for, sets a solid foundation for self-reliance. Having a dedicated space for their belongings at their level can further reinforce this. By doing so, you show them your trust in their growing abilities, emphasizing the importance of independence and self-care.

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