What is my child learning?

What is my child learning?

October 12, 2023

October Activities in the Children’s House

One of our students working on the North America Map puzzle! This took concentration and fine & gross motor skills to place both the large and tiny pieces of the countries of North America on the control chart.

During the children’s time in the classroom, they are being introduced to many different activities and themes. In geography, they have been working on the oceans and the continents of the world. Many of the children have enjoyed the puzzle maps, and creating their own maps by either pin punching or tracing. Other activities explore the animals that live on these continents. We have begun to look more closely at our continent of North America – learning about the countries, their flags, the biomes, and the animals that live in those biomes. We will move to working on South America in November.

Through the geography and animals studies there are many language activities for the children to practice sounding out words, expanding their vocabulary, and handwriting. This is a great way to interest children in language activities if they are uninterested in doing sandpaper letters or word family activities.

In our math area of the classroom, children are working on identifying numbers and mastering the complex teens and counting by tens. Those that are working with 1-10 are now learning how to identify them out of order instead of just through memorization. Many children are excited to begin working on the 100 board, and it is a great goal for the children that are working on counting by teens and tens. Those that have become familiar with the 100 board, are being introduced to skip counting and the decimal system.

Come and Observe!

The children are settling into deeper concentration and longer activities in the classroom. As they are able to settle and concentrate and build their work cycles, and independence, they are gaining confidence and are becoming more curious. If you would like to set a morning time to come and observe your child at work, please contact Ms. Emily to set up a time.

Save the Date

Parent Teacher Conferences: Thursday, Nov 9th & Friday, Nov 10th
We look forward to meeting with you!

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