Discussing Lent with your 3-5 Year Old

Discussing Lent with your 3-5 Year Old

February 21, 2024

Montessori at Home

Discussing Lent with very young children can be a delicate matter. As adults, we understand sacrifice, fortitude, and the moral reasons for fasting during Lent. However, young children are in a period of joy, love, and relationship building with others, and the Good Shepherd.

In the classroom, we ‘bury’ the Alleluia and discuss how we wait to rejoice again when Jesus dies and rises to new life with us. We explore ways to prepare ourselves to be closer to Jesus during Easter celebrations. We emphasize that everything we do, be it prayers or fasting, is a means to feel closer to Jesus. This approach also fosters joyful anticipation for Easter celebrations.

It’s crucial to remember when discussing Jesus’ Passion and Death, never to mention the Death without the Resurrection to a young child. They struggle to grasp the abstract concept that death leads to new life and the joy of Resurrection. Instead, they might focus on the sadness of Jesus’ absence after death, questioning why someone would harm a loved one or feeling hopeless.

We should acknowledge and discuss these aspects if the child wishes to, but we should always guide them back to the hope and joy of Jesus rising to new life. Jesus wants us to share this new life with Him now and when He returns in the Parousia.

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