Less is More!

Less is More!

March 20, 2024

Montessori at Home

Less is more! Reducing clutter can enhance your child’s playtime. Scientific research supports the concept of ‘less is more.’

It’s a challenge to maintain minimalism, with a constant influx of toys from parties, family gifts, and random trinkets kids find irresistible. The task is to manage this abundance.

To start, observe what toys they genuinely enjoy and rotate these accordingly. Instead of an overflowing toy box, consider low shelves for easy visibility and access. A thoughtful approach to toy organization can make playtime more meaningful and manageable.

When your child is at an age and maturity at which they can comprehend the ideas, it’s good to talk to them about waste and consumption, then ask for their help in working to manage it all. They will feel empowered that

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