What is special about Montessori materials?

What is special about Montessori materials?

September 7, 2023

Montessori materials are self-correcting.

Montessori materials are not only beautiful and inviting, but ingenious. They teach only 1 skill at a time to allow the child to work independently and master the intended concept. The materials are also “self-correcting.” This means the child is able to identify if they have done an activity accurately and try again without intervention from a teacher. For example, if a large block is stacked atop a tower of shorter blocks, the tower will fall down. Working with self-correcting materials helps children develop confidence and self-sufficiency and promotes critical thinking. In a sense, they become their own teachers—a skill that will last for life.

The greatest cry of the child at this age is “help me help myself.” These self-correcting materials allow the children to creatively explore a particular, isolated concept, but also builds their confidence and independence to be able to help themselves, to be more confidence learners.

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