Montessori Assistant

Cameron Ware

My name is Cameron Ware, and I have just been hired at St. Mary’s in the position of Montessori Assistant. My role at St. Mary’s is to be the full-time Assistant in the new Children’s House, or Montessori school. I will help Emily in the morning with the Montessori work cycle, help with lunch and nap time, and aid Gretchen in the afternoon with more “regular” pre-k curriculum. I am very excited to begin working at St. Mary because it seems like the staff and pastor understand the impact of catholic education and spiritual formation on young children. It will be a great blessing to also work in a Montessori environment that understands that Montessori and a true Catholic worldview go hand in hand. I have a huge devotion to Our Lady Star of the Sea. I recently got married, a year ago in June. Outside of work, I really enjoy going to the gym. My confirmation name is Maria Therésè because I have a huge devotion to Mary and St. Therésè of Liseaux!