Mission Statement


St. Mary Catholic Elementary School, working together with our families as a supportive, caring Catholic community, strives to develop and enhance the spiritual, educational, personal, physical and social growth of our students.

We are dedicated to celebrating and serving each student's diverse needs in a challenging, educational Catholic environment.

Our Beliefs


Students at St. Mary School are encouraged by the Staff to develop their Catholicity by:

  • Respecting others and accepting individual differences.
  • Showing responsibility for their actions.
  • Serving societal needs.
  • Acquiring a fundamental understanding of Catholic doctrine.
  • Participating in our faith based community.

St. Mary School Staff encourages each student's academic developments by:

  • Promoting a learning environment where students are appropriately challenged and actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Providing instructional and assessment techniques to help students achieve their full potential.
  • Promoting life-long, independent learning.
  • Expecting family members to become active participants in the educational process.
  • Expecting staff members to enhance their own education to continue to meet the needs of our students.

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